Hitch City Mississauga Ontario - Waited all day for hitch, they put on the wrong one,had to made them remove it ,so rude, no apology

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I went to them to have a proper load hitch put on my truck.They put on the wrong class hitch.

I waited all day for my truck, looked at the hitch and saw that it was wrong class, wrong load. told them this and asked why they put on the wrong one since this is their business and they should know what they are doing. they do not know nor do they care. they were rude and didn't refund me the proper amount.

wasted the whole day there with a bunch of idiots at this place. Mississauga Ontario.

don't ever go there or deal with John.he is a *** manager!

Review about: Suv Wrong Class Hitch.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada #890583

I had the exact same thing happen at the Scarborough location.I had special ordered a particular hitch, waited two weeks, left my car there for the day, then came back and they'd installed a different hitch.

They said that was 'normal'.I ended up ordering the correct one online and installing it myself.

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